Tyringham Road and Rte. 23, Monterey, MA Worship Time: 10am Sundays

What To Expect

If you plan to visit us for worship but feel concerned that you’re not yet “in the know,” here are some things you might like to know.

How do I get there?
We’re at the corner of Tyringham Road and Route 23. Ours is the only building in the village that looks like a church. You can’t miss it.

Where do I park?
We don’t have a parking lot so any space you see in town is open for use, with the exception of the loading and unloading zones in front of the General Store and the post office.

What about children?
Children are welcome in worship. They’re also encouraged to participate in their own Godly Play, which gathers at 9 AM on Sundays. If you’d like to be a part of that, please call the church (413-528-5850) or email the pastor (liz@goodman.md). The schedule is decided based upon who all can come on any given Sunday, so be in touch is you plan to participate.

What to Wear?
It’s up to you. Some people dress up, some people come off the farm.

Is the building handicap-accessible?
Yes, for the most part. We have a parking space right next to a ramp into the sanctuary, but in the snowy season it’s often uncleared. We have a handicap-accessible pew. We have an accessible bathroom, but off the fellowship hall in the basement. In sum, it’s not ideal. But we’d like to accommodate you. If possible, call ahead and we’ll be ready.

Is there a choir?
No, we don’t have a choir. But we do have a group of people who enjoy singing and occasionally offer an anthem in worship. They’re always looking for others to join in!

We have in the wider community access to many musicians who accompany hymns and offer service music on Sunday mornings.  Going without a paid professional as a Minister of Music means we can experience the sound and presence of all sorts of people and all sorts of instruments.  We have a piano and a pipe organ that we most often use for service music.  We also have musicians who bring a particular strength in the viola, cello, banjo, voice, etc.–and who lead with these instruments.

It’s a real blessing to have such flexibility in regard to who leads music here and by what medium.  It also means that, if you come to us with a call to lead musically, we may well take you up on the offer!

Latest Sermon: January 26, 2020: "Would You Like to Come to Church with Me?" Here's the audio.