Tyringham Road and Rte. 23, Monterey, MA Worship Time: 10am Sundays

Building Use

The meetinghouse is a lovely building and members of the church welcome its use.  Our sanctuary seats 120 people, has a flexible altar space and is a wonderful room for sound.  We have a baby grand piano that we tune regularly and a modest pipe organ we’ve recently had refurbished which one local organist claims is a “friendly beast” to play.

We have striven to maintain a traditional feel in the room, but one that looks forward instead of back.  The sanctuary has been the setting for concerts and plays, weddings and funerals, association meetings and community celebrations. We regard this as a place for engaging our deeply felt convictions, and while we do not censor the content of what takes place here, we do exercise discretion that our sanctuary be used for the sacred purpose of building up community, in all its challenges and blessings.


What is practically described as “the basement” is better understood as the fellowship or community room.  With a family-style kitchen, and tables and chairs enough to seat 80, this space is suitable for community dinners and receptions following special services upstairs.  But the furnishing can also be folded up and put aside, opening the room up for use as exhibit space, for example, or the place to go “in case of rain” when outdoor events need a plan B.  We even allow that the tables and chairs be taken to other sites for community use, and only ask that you be in touch with someone at the church to see to this.


The piano is always ready to be played--or played with.

The cost of using the building depends upon what costs the gathering might incur for the church, which is to say heat and lights.  The church membership considers the building an important ministry we offer the town.  As such, we enjoy making the building available to those who would use it and we ask only that it be left in the condition that it was found.  For more information about using the building, please call 413-528-5850 or email the pastor at liz@goodman.md.

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