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Wider Community

From the Meetinghouse

Most months, our pastor writes a column for the town’s monthly newspaper, The Monterey News, entitled “From the Meetinghouse.” Even when she doesn’t, though, the paper is always worth reading. Here’s this month’s edition.

Religious Roundtable

Occasionally our pastor moderates a radio show sponsored by the South County Clergy Association and hosted by WSBS in Great Barrington. Here are some recent episodes.

Roundtable: December 15, 2019Sheela Clary joins Liz to talk about the meritocracy, its promises and perils, and how to escape.

Roundtable: October 7, 2019: Rev. Jen Bloesch joins Liz to talk about farming, food, and faith.

Roundtable: April 7, 2019:  Sheela Clary joins me to read and discuss Andre Dubus’ short story, “The Doctor,” and to talk about why we read literature in the first place.

Roundtable: February 6, 2019: The Jewish Roots of Superman, with Neil Hirsch, rabbi of Hevreh in Great Barrington.

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Roundtable: November 18, 2018: Prayer, where Liz joins Neil Hirsch, rabbi of Hevreh down the street, who hosts this episode.

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Roundtable: November 11, 2018: Faith and Work with Jenny Daily

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Roundtable September 2, 2018: Construct Inc.’s Walk. with Jane Ralph

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Roundtable July 8, 2018: Jewish Spiritual Direction with Rabbi Barbara Cohen

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Roundtable May 6, 2018: Faith and Work with Sheela Clary

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Roundtable March 18, 2018: Joy: Poems with Hannah Fries

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Roundtable December 6, 2017: #metoo and congregational life

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Roundtable August 23, 2017: with Rachel Kadish about her novel The Weight of Ink.

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Roundtable June 4, 2017: with Brendan Matthews about his novel, The World of Tomorrow, to be released in September.

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Roundtable June 6, 2016: with Sheela Clary.

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Roundtable August 16th, 2015:  with Mary Kate Jordan                   
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Roundtable September 6, 2015:  with Susan Quinn.              
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Roundtable February 14, 2016:  with Susan Quinn.

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The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club is a group of mostly men but a few women from town who gather in our basement fellowship hall every morning, 8-10 o’clock. Coffee costs $1 a cup, half of which goes to the church.

On the agenda are current events, local & national politics, and op-ed conversation.

Community Dinners

Community Dinners take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, October-May. Dinner is at 6 PM and followed by a program at 7 PM. If you come, you should bring your own flatware and plate and a prepared dish to share.

Building Use

Our members welcome other uses of our lovely building.

Click here for more information.

Friendship with Gould Farm

This congregation has always had an informal relationship with Gould Farm. Over a century old, Gould Farm is a working farm (and the largest employer and landowner in town) that is also a residential treatment facility for adults with major mental illness. There are over 100 members of that community – staff, volunteers, and guests (which designates those receiving treatment). And every week we have several members of that community in worship.

For so many reasons, Gould Farm is a blessing to this congregation. It keeps us young, flexible, and welcoming. Many of our musicians and most dedicated members found themselves in Monterey because of Gould Farm. Most of all, Gould Farm is a model of true community at work. A concept that’s easy to romanticize, community is actually one of the greatest challenges of the gospel.

To accept people as they are, to communicate honestly, and to listen with care: these are all aspects of “being church.”  We’re blessed to be able to count among us so many people who live this out every day.

Latest Sermon: January 26, 2020: "Would You Like to Come to Church with Me?" Here's the audio.