Tyringham Road and Rte. 23, Monterey, MA Worship Time: 10am Sundays

Where We Are

The town of Monterey, Massachusetts, once known as Housatonic township #1, was settled in the 1740’s by a group of proprietors from Watertown, Massachusetts. While known as the town of Tyringham from 1761 to 1847, the town was given the name of Monterey when it split from Tyringham.

Losing out to the Midwest in the business of cheese making, and to cities in the papermaking and tanning businesses, Monterey turned to its natural environment. From the late 1800’s, people in search of peaceful and recuperative surroundings began prolonged visits at various times of the year. It became a popular resort town.

An 1889 tourist guide describes Monterey as “charmingly attractive,” with two of the area’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Buel and Lake Garfield. The town has retained its rural character and has a large, second-home community. Currently the town has 1,017 residents.

To keep up with town goings-on, check out our town newspaper, The Monterey News, a monthly periodical whose the latest edition you can find here.

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