Tyringham Road and Rte. 23, Monterey, MA Worship Time: 10am Sundays

What People Are Saying

  • I am blessed to have found my spiritual home at the Monterey UCC, even more so to have come upon the brilliant Godly Play model of religious education there, which another mother and I have been providing for my children and my nephew and her children for more than three years.  ~ Sheela
  • We spend our summers in the beauty and coolness of the Berkshires, and the Monterey UCC church has become home to us because of the stimulating preaching and the “Godly Play” segment.  Both engage our minds and stimulate vigorous discussion… ~Jim and Pat, summer friends
  • If I came here every week, I think I’d be a better person. ~a one-time visitor following worship one week
  • It is very surprising to walk inside this lovely little 19th century village church–the sort one admires from a car roaming New England again and again but perhaps seldom goes inside–and find such a vital, intimate, welcoming congregation.  How much more surprising to find a dynamic pastor who is out in the community, a true thinker, engaging with the larger world and deeply committed to this small group of souls.  The Monterey UCC has been a place of harmony and welcome for me over about seven years, as I have been drawn to it both as a neighbor and now from farther afield.  My perennial thought when I come to worship is, “Why don’t more people know about this?” ~Rachel, a current participant
  • The sense of really belonging at, and to, the Monterey Church comes to me during Memorial Day weekend–when we open our summer cabin and return to church knowing that we will be so greeted:  “The Wings are back!   It must be summer!”  This is my touchstone and my joy. ~Joan Wing, one of the many summer “Wings”
  • We were recently the subject of a paper a student of Smith College for her course on World Religions. She visited us twice and produced this paper.



Latest Sermon: January 26, 2020: "Would You Like to Come to Church with Me?" Here's the audio.